Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gudfala Binisi - Solomon Soap

The Sistas Savve training this week has focused on starting a small business. Solomon Soap has learnt that there is a lot that goes into running a ‘gudfala binisi’.

Joel from the Small Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC) has covered a range of topics with the ladies:

-          Income generation
-          Saving/banking
-          Budgeting
-          Book keeping
-          Planning
-          Management
-          Profits and markups…

Solomon Soap has been busy brainstorming their business ideas. We can’t wait to see what they come up with – watch this space!

Women discuss their business ideas

Joel, trainer from SBEC
Morning tea break

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Meet Florence from Feraladoa...

I met Florence this morning as she was busy preparing a delicious lunch of chicken and rice for the Solomon Soap community.

Florence graduated from the Sistas Savve training last year with the Feraladoa community. However, she continues to be involved with Sistas Savve by using her cooking skills to feed the hungry mouths of the women currently undergoing the training.

Florence was very excited to share with me about all the new skills and knowledge that she had gained from Sistas Savve: 
"We make baskets, learn business, health, hygiene, meet with the Ministry of Heath and SIPPA ...  I'm very happy because I learn more, more, more".

Florence with Solomon Soap's afternoon tea - fresh fruit