Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hello Masu

Masu Atkin, SS Community Liaison Officer

This is Masu Atkin - the Community Liaison Officer for Sistas Savve. Masu joined the Sistas Savve team in December last year. 

Masu works closely with the different communities of women that take part in Sistas Savve. She is involved with the applications of new communities to join the training, monitoring and evaluation and helps to make sure that the training runs smoothly. 

Masu enjoys working at Sistas Savve because she gets to meet and work with lots of different women. She also likes to explore communities that she hasn't visited before:
I like that I don’t stay at one place. I get to go into different communities and get to know about different people and different places.
 Before  Sistas Savve, Masu was a volunteer at the Solomon Island Planned Parenthood Association (SIPPA). She was involved in a Sexual and Reproductive advocacy programme in schools, churches and community groups. She also worked at the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children Affairs in the Youth Congress.

Outside of work, Masu likes to sing and enjoys sharing stories with her friends.