Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Workshops in Action

This week has seen the successful completion of the second week of the program.
The young women have all expressed their interest and enjoyment so far.  We have had some lively discussions and been exploring lots of new ideas and information.  This week's topics have included Sexual and Reproductive Health, Life skills, Relationships, Reproductive anatomy & physiology, and menstruation and conception.
We have also completed two of the introductory livelihood skills - papermaking, and making baskets from recycled materials.  The women learnt how to make small colourful baskets out of their rubbish and were thrilled with the results!
We have been working with APHEDA, an organisation with experience educating in using recycled materials for making marketable products.  They will also be joining us to train the young women in financial literacy.
Our catering team have also been hard at work, producing fine hot lunches every day - thank you!

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