Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Week 4 highlights

The training in week 4 is more about the home and the family. Participants learn about hygiene in the home as well as personal hygiene. A reflection on their very own community, Kofiloko, showed that their community really need a good cleanup. The location of Kofiloko as situated on a hillside makes the task of cleaning up seem impossible to the women, however, this is the first step into such an activity. Hygiene makes the single mothers realise that communities need to be clean as well, and not just the individual homes and the people living in it.

Participants also learn about nutrition and how important it is in the diet of children, and the whole family. The Ministry of health facilitated this training session and are equipped with their nutrition kits. They also emphasized on the importance of breastfeeding. In the Solomon Islands, breastfeeding a baby is very common, however, mothers need to eat nutritious food as well. Feeding of children with sweets is also a very common practice. This session is an eye opener for many of these mothers as they realise how nutritious the local island food is. They also enjoyed the games and activities on nutrition.

Many mothers for the first time learnt that they are their children's first teacher. Learning is taken for granted as to be done in the classroom and many mothers just don't have the time to teach their children as they are busy everyday. This was revealed by the participants, saying, they feel sorry for their children, but cannot give their children time as well.

These sessions on child growth and development and the rights of children were quite emotional and sensitive as it touches the hearts of these single mothers. Many of them wished to be literate after this session to be able to read their childrens homework.  It was obvious that they wanted to be better mothers for their children now that they are equipped with the knowledge that their children also have their rights in life.

In the afternoons, the mothers learn how to make a basic macrame handbag. These mothers enjoy weaving and doing practical things.

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