Sunday, April 8, 2012

Be a Waste Champion! Sistas Savve take part in International Litter Campaign Day

One of the key goals of the two year Sistas Savve project is to encourage the young women taking part  to speak out in public. Two Sistas Savve participants got an opportunity to do just that at the launch of Solomon Islands' National Waste Reduction and Litter Campaign on March 30th. Sistas Savve participants and staff also took part in the campaign march, and exhibited  one of the Sistas Savve products - a basket made entirely of recycled materials. 

Solomon Islands lacks a national waste management policy, and faces several environmental challenges, including rapid population growth. These issues highlight the importance of taking innovative approaches to recycling, such as those practiced by Sistas Savve. 

One of the mottos of the Litter Campaign

The Sistas Savve participants 

Sistas Savve participants hade made signs in support of the Litter Campaign

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