Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Meet Jenny, our new Community Liaison Officer

Sistas Savve's new Community Liaison Officer, Jenny, visiting the women of Mamana Water Community 

Jenny Rachel Kaniko has just joined Sistas Savve as our new Community Liaison Officer, and will be providing ongoing support for our graduates, such as looking for job opportunities, and supporting the women as they build out their businesses.

Why did you decide to join the Sistas Savve team?

Sistas Savve addresses the inequalities and challenges faced by women in the Solomon Islands by giving them an opportunity to unlock their potential. I’ve joined the Sistas Savve team because my passion is reaching out to young women who have been less fortunate than myself. I want to be part of influencing young women and single mothers who are capable, but just haven’t been given a chance. It’s a real privilege to provide a second chance to these women who have been pushed aside by the system.

- What is your background?
I am a qualified English and Social Studies teacher, and have been a teacher the last twelve years, teaching forms one to six. I decided to change my career path after completing the Olafou (Praxis) Training in Youth, Community Development and Leadership studies. After obtaining my Olafou Pasifika diploma, I wanted to put into practice what I had learnt; which I did with NGOs by collecting data, digital storytelling, liaising with communities and stakeholders and mentoring young women. I enjoy doing it and see it as a job, but as a lifestyle.

 - What appealed to you about Sistas Savve?
I would say that Sistas Savve is more effective than other development programmes in the sense that we don’t just educate the women, but also build a relationship with the Sistas Savve graduates and walk alongside them. We in a way take part in the graduates’ journeys. The Sistas Savve training is very practical, realistic, motivational and strength-based. It ensures that we bring out the best in the women, and produce concrete results post-training.

 - Why is it important to empower young women in the Solomon Islands?
Solomon Islands has a high level of adolescent pregnancy, high maternal mortality rates, low use of contraceptives, and high levels of gender based violence, so there is a great need for programmes that educate young women on these issues. I think that it is very important to empower young women, because it will help them to contribute to their families, and communities, and to support themselves. Through Sistas Savve, the women become aware of their potential, and that they can contribute positively.

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