Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Budding Bakers

Last week was a great time to be in the office! Every afternoon, we were treated to the smell of baking wafting through the YWCA, which caused some serious rumbling stomachs. This was because the White River Sistas Savve participants were learning how to do all things baking.

Through a workshop that was facilitated by Diane Alufurai, the women learnt how to read a basic recipe and how to use specific measurements correctly. Armed with this knowledge, they proceed to bake a variety of delicious cakes and sweet things – pineapple pie, custard, chocolate cake, lemon and coconut cake and even fruit cake. To top it all off, they spent a session learning how to decorate the finished cakes like professionals.

After all this hard work, it was finally time to share the cake with everyone, including the very hungry YWCA and Sistas Savve staff– yum!  

Learning to make basic pastry for the pineapple pie. 

The pineapple pies, just before they both got quickly eaten!

Chocolate cake with great icing decoration by the White River Sistas Savve participants

Sheila showing off her cake decorating skills

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