Monday, May 27, 2013

Gud Tumas!

On the very first day of Ngalita’tae Sistas Savve training, we asked the women what practical skills they were interested in learning. As a group, they made a big list and selected a few skills which they suggested were a priority for their community. In the weeks since, we have brought in different specialists in the afternoon sessions to show and teach the women these skills.

So far, the women have learnt to arrange flowers, bake muffins and cakes, dye and print lavalava and make food covers.

One of my most unforgettable moments at Sistas Savve occurred during a baking session. Most of the women had never baked a cake before – they were so eager to learn.

These afternoon sessions are great. The women are empowered by learning some new skills that they can use in their homes and communities once they have finished the training. They can also use their new skills to make some money for their families.

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