Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lona from Mbokonavera 4

Todays story is about Lona Lapo from Mbokonavera 4. Lona completed Sistas Savve training in August last year.

After completing Sistas Savve training, Sistas Savve helped arrange for Lona to undergo the Youth at Work internship programme run by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC). Through this programme, Lona became an intern at the Provincial Press, a printing company that produces newspapers, books and other printed papers. Following the internship, Lona was offered full time employment at the press. She has now been working there for one year.

Lona Lapo of Mbokonavera 4

Lona believes that the business skills that she developed from Sistas Savve were central to helping her improve her life. These skills are particularly useful for her now that she is working and earning an income:

The part of training that really improved my life was the business training – how to run a small business, budgeting with money. This really changed my life. Now that I have a job, I know how to manage the money that I make.
Before, I had no idea how to manage money, how to pay for things, get things. But since I came and joined Sistas Savve, this business course helped me.

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