Thursday, November 18, 2010


The aim of SISTAS SAVVE is to provide an opportunity for young single mothers to learn a range of livelihood skills and life skills, alongside sexual and reproductive health education. This will commence as a 10-week pilot program from mid January 2011.
The training will consist of both theoretical and practical components every day.  Participants will learn through participatory activities, discussions and input from specialists. 
Opportunities will be provided for the young women to explore a range of skills and crafts that have the potential for becoming activities that will generate income.   Participants will work on a product in a supportive environment, and receive guidance on budgeting, financial management, marketing skills and planning from a team of experienced educators.
SISTAS SAVVE is now calling for interest from communities within the vicinity of Honiara who would be interested in participating in the initial program.  Community members and leaders are especially encouraged to come forward if they feel that young single mothers in their community can benefit being involved in SISTAS SAVVE. 
All participants will be selected from one identified community.  This is to encourage them to work together, as well as to give back to the community what they have learned as a group.
A community application form and further information can be obtained from the SISTAS SAVVE program coordinator located at the SIPPA main office.

Lombi Crescent, Chinatown 
Ph: 22991

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