Thursday, July 12, 2012

Delicious Cassava Pudding and Fried Fish: A Fundraiser at Mamana Water Community

Mamana Water Community, the first group of women to graduate from Sistas Savve, recently held a second fundraiser for their joint savings club. Their goal is to save up enough money to build a permanent leaf hut where they can organize, meet and create their products. At the moment, the women congregate in an unconvered meeting spot in their beach community, which provides little respite from the weather, and no privacy.

The Mamana women organized games and sold fried fish and delicious cassava pudding to visitors and the rest of their community, earning over $1000 Solomon Islands dollars that will go towards the hut.

Sylvesta Sade prepares the cassava pudding.

Sistas Savve Community Officer Jenny Kaniko (front) and Sistas Savve graduate Mary Joe (back) wrap the delicious food parcels.

The food stand is set up.

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