Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting Creative

We never cease to be amazed by the spirit of ‘know how’ and ‘can do’ that permeates Sistas Savve!

You may remember that, recently, some of our grads had a special workshop in weaving earrings: http://sistassavve.blogspot.com/2012/07/jewellery-making-workshop.html

One of these grads, Karen Malao, then went on to teach the coil weave technique to the current group of Sistas Savve women from White River. They had three productive workshops working with nylon string and plastic beads and they made many beautiful pairs of earrings.

That in itself would be a happy story but, wait, there’s more.

One day, White River participant, Weena Brechtefeld, was at home weaving earrings and got to thinking, ‘What other materials can I use to make these?’ She rummaged around and found some shells, dry pandanus leaves and buttons off an old shirt. Friends in her community said, ‘Why are you collecting all that rubbish?’ But Weena had had a brilliant idea – why buy materials when there’s so much to be had for free? All it takes is some initiative and creative thinking.

Take a look at Weena’s stunning earrings made from found materials in her community. And now she’s going to share her ‘know how’ with the other women in her Sistas Savve group. Thank you Weena!

Weena modelling her lovely earrings made from pandanus leaves and shells. 

Weena's earrings, made entirely from products she found around her home. 

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