Thursday, April 18, 2013

Busy Tumas

We've had a super busy week here at Sistas Savve. The team has been out in the communities following up with the women that have completed the Sistas Savve training. It’s been so good to hear so many positive stories and changes from the women.

We’ve also been busy preparing for our new community to start Sistas Savve training. The community that the women come from is called Marble Street. These women begin their 10 weeks of Sistas Savve training on Monday. We are very excited for this new community!

On Wednesday, we had a visit from staff at the NZ Aid Programme. Jenta Tau (General Secretary of YWCA), Doris Dakai (Sistas Savve Coordinator) and past graduates shared about the Sistas Savve training with the staff. 

Women from the NZ Aid Programme check out Sistas Savve products with Doris Dakei (Sistas Savve Coordinator) and Jenta Tau (General Secretary of YWCA)

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