Thursday, April 25, 2013

Leadership, Gender & Human Rights

The first Sistas Savve module that the women from Ngalita’tae are focusing on covers leadership, gender issues, women’s rights and human rights. These sessions are run by Clarine Toki, a peer educator from the YWCA. Clarine is a passionate and energetic young woman who is part of the Ngalita’tae community. The sessions are very interactive- they involve group activities, games, drawings and discussions. The women are really engaging with the content.

Examples of questions covered in these sessions include:
  •      What makes a good leader? What makes a bad leader?
  •      What are human rights?
  •      Is the right to feel safe in our communities and homes important? 
  •      What is discrimination? 
  •      What is gender?
Clarine Toki (YWCA peer educator) talks about human rights

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